“If You Were Here”

I would like most of all for you to be here
Maybe then I could face the day
I yearn for you above all to be near
When you are not I do not know what to say

I am withering here where you were
For lack of your body and your smile
I know I will never sink or stir
If your wondrous heart leaves me this beguiled

If only I knew of your angelic grace
I might have let you in
But now I cannot look myself in the face
I cannot weep and I cannot grin

You are an angel, you are yourself
So why have I fallen this deep in the mire?
What looks like pain feels like health
My condition has never been this dire

It all has been lost and now I seek
To retrieve what of myself I still can
To inherit the world one must remain meek
I’ve been given much more than I can stand

And so I sit, here in this chair
And wonder how we all survive
In this demise where we are laid bare
Cut in pieces with venomous knives

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