Brian McCloskey Leibold, “Loss Follows”

Clementine Unbound

Brian McCloskey Leibold has worked as a construction laborer, a conservation corps member, a dishwasher, a Papa Johns delivery driver, a Panera Bread delivery driver, and a cashier. His poetry has been published in HeartWood Literary Magazine and Muddy River Poetry Review. He lives in Mount Jackson, Virginia.

orange line

Loss Follows

Who knows how to go boldly from womb to tomb?
Who knows how to chow on, chow on, chow on
From month to month to month?

Go for cozy worn-down vows.
Long for worth from soft words.
Stop. Hop downtown

To clown off
Or drown on
Old Crow. Lo,


No good to hold on, nod off, slog for gold
From morn to noon, howl for God
From noon to moon. Soon, too soon,


Look, don’t worry, knock on wood
To block knocks on doors
From old knock-down doom.

No good, good world:
Food rots. Fog…

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