I wake in winter

I wake in winter ten till four,
Ascend the stairs to start the fire,
Subdue a spark of hope for more
Than cold endured, a hand for hire.

I need a shock, no hint will do.
If feet could speak, with sound reprised
They’d shirk in word my fears anew—
They live like deer, and die surprised.

Afraid of death, from life estranged,
In flight from fact, left meek and mild,
The ox which once grew strong and ranged
Amid the wild goes cowed, beguiled.

The pleas for peace are made in war
Which none will win; to win’s to die
And live with loss across the door
Where one is true and pairs the lie.

I wake in winter ten till five,
Descend the stairs to light the fire:
The twigs ignite, the flame survives,
Returns to fan the heart’s desire.

One thought on “I wake in winter

  1. Like the rhyme scheme. Love “subdue a spark for more than cold endured.” In the first and last paragraph, your verbs all related to fire – spark and ignite. In the first, you are ascending at an earlier hour. In the last, you are descending at a later hour. I know there is meaning in there, but I can’t wait to hear your perspective on it. I also like how the two middle paragraphs feature animals, both with which you seem to identify – the deer and the ox. I think I get why for both of them. Really well done. Thanks for writing it.

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