“Prayer Late at Night”

My prayer tonight is for the lonely to touch their loneliness,
for the empty to wholeheartedly feel their holes without filling them,
for the lost to find themselves connected with their lostness,
and for the confused to uncover hidden clarity beneath their confusion.

I pray tonight for those in the dark to stay there and listen,
for those running out of time to arrive at the timeless present,
for those running from themselves to finish the race and begin the work,
and for those weeping to hold nothing back.

Tonight my prayer is that the dying live and the living soar,
that the sleepers dance and the dancers dance more,
that the seekers settle down into the mystery of the night,
and the settled seek Chaos and bask in her radiant light.

2 thoughts on ““Prayer Late at Night”

  1. A prayer for all at various times in their lives – Jerry particularly like the line ” …let the sleepers dance and the dancers dance more”

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