“Being The Dance”

When the music moves me,
I can’t help but move myself.
Sometimes the body has to move
to make way for the soul.

The music lifts it out,
my dance a wordless shout
that it is
here, there,
in, out,
above, below.

The dance:
so fervent, so wild,
and yet so much like
stillness sinking in and
drifting out.

So much like the stillness in me
meeting the strength in you.
Still strength,
the power in not doing,
is still strength.

The dance not a doing but a being,
a being dancing,
stilled in movement,
being the dance.

7 thoughts on ““Being The Dance”

  1. “Dance is the art form for which our bodies are the medium.”–quote from old ballet poster. So you are multimedia, words and mind for poetry and body for dance.

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