“She came back up one night”

She came back up one night,
but it was only to return a shirt.

      I won’t be needing this.

No, she would not be needing the shirt.
There was no reason for her to keep
what she did not need.

    It is still quiet up here, as I remember it.

Yes, she remembered it well.
It was still
and it was quiet
up here.

    I remember it well, though it was too small for the two of us.

Yes, again she remembered it well.
It was indeed too small to hold us both.
It could only hold one.

    I guess I won’t be coming back up here anymore.

It was no guess;
It was the truth.
She would find no reason to come back up here.
She had returned the shirt.

She left and I hid the shirt away.
I would not wear it
but would keep it 
where it was hid.
I could find no reason to get rid of it.

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