“Welcome Home”

I rise well before dawn.
The stillness and darkness bring me good news,
Old news I had forgotten.
I am alone,
But I do not suffer.
I receive the gift of aloneness,
A gift no one else can give.
I accept it like I would accept
A loving embrace from a friend
Who was away and has now returned.
Where did my friend go? What did she do?
I am curious but do not ask her.
Sometimes she has to go off alone.
I understand.
She returns when she knows she is needed,
When she sees I am alone and suffering.
This friend offers the gift of not needing,
Offers it without needing it to be received.
Demanding nothing, she offers all:
The mysterious gift of being,
The gift of not speaking,
And the gift of being heard.
She does not ask me to believe or disbelieve,
Does not force me to follow her,
Does not force me to lead,
Asks nothing of me but that I ask for nothing,
Reminds me
That I need seek no thing to make me some one,
Reminds me to look up,
For isn’t the world remarkably beautiful this morning?
Reminds me to look in,
For don’t you feel you’ve come home this morning?

And wasn’t that what you were searching for so desperately?
All the time,
Alone and suffering,
Weren’t you only craving to feel at home in the world?
I am grateful to have such an understanding friend,
Who lets me be alone and be glad,
Who reminds me of what I had forgotten,
And welcomes me home.


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