“What Do You Want?”

Can you let deadly calm possess you?
Can you let stillness confess its wordless secrets
On this windless morning?

You want to give everything,
But you have nothing to give.
You want to be yourself,
But do you know who that is?
You do not want to speak,
But you expect to be heard.
You do not want to be swayed,
But you demand to be stirred.

Can you let the river of unknowing stir you?
Can you let mystery endure amidst the empty uproar
On this wind-strewn afternoon?

You want to get out of here,
But you don’t know which way.
You want to say it all so clearly,
But you don’t know what to say.
You do not want to weep,
But you’d love to be honest.
You do not want to be surprised,
But you demand to be astonished.

Do your unending demands astonish you?
Do your own offending hands admonish you?
Feel the wind die down in the early evening.
Even it does not pretend to acknowledge you.

You want to change everyone else
So long as you can remain the exact same.
You want the world to be different
So long as you don’t have to feel any pain.
You don’t need to be with anyone
So long as they all want to be with you.
You are just fine with being all alone
Just so long as you are being pursued.

Can you let happiness pursue you?
Can you get out of your way long enough
To let the wind that picks up at dusk
Cut you back down and pull you through?

You want to remember how it was
So long as it was better back then.
You want to imagine how it will be
So long as it gets better again.
You don’t want to stay stuck here
So long as there’s someplace better to go.
You don’t mind stickin’ around
So long as someone here still enjoys your show.

Can you feel the agony of all your divisions?
Can you kneel over every one of your tragic decisions?
You open the window, no wind blows inside.
In the darkest part of the motionless night,
The silence pierces you with deadly precision.

3 thoughts on ““What Do You Want?”

    • Thanks for reading. It started as an aimless stream of consciousness piece that found form and direction. I am still impressed by the way you use forms of poetry on your blog. It seems not too many poets do that anymore; there is much more free form. I like free form and use it often but I’ve written a few haibuns which I think really helped me in condensing my poems down and finding meaning in only a few words. I wrote a haibun for each season in Arizona. Here is a link to one of them: https://bleibold23.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/haibun-spring-in-arizona/.
      Keep your eye out for some different forms of poetry on here. I will probably look through your blog to see if there are any forms that are particularly striking to me, and then give it a shot.

      • Hi Brian.. Haibuns are a new form for me.. I’m off to your blog to check it out. I know, there are very few poets following various styles of poetry nowadays.. I didn’t start my blog with this in mind at all.. it sort of evolved into exploring and experimenting with various styles 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement and do visit often!

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