“Are We Lonely or Alone?”

Here’s the difference between me and you:
You don’t care tonight,
And you won’t care tomorrow.
I care tonight,
And you know I’ll care tomorrow.

Outside I see a cop pulling over some unlucky soul;
I feel for whoever that is; I feel more than I know.
This is the bullshit that will never make any sense;
This is our world: Can it ever have any true defense?

I need to keep going, I can’t ever stop;
I’ll be by what is flowing, the river of course.
The river is on course, but I’m off;
The river is going somewhere,
I’m standing at the gates of hell.

But hell is where I am already,
Though some people think of it as out of this earth.
I’m in the depths already,
I guess I’m trying to figure out what that is worth.
It’s the people who need to be saved that get pressed down most often;
It’s the people who just won’t behave that get put in that coffin:
Before their time,
Before it’s time.

It’s more than time that gets me thinking;
It’s more than the mine that gets miners drinking.

Press me and I won’t respond;
Listen and maybe I will.
Maybe I’m doomed;
Maybe you are too.
But let’s not get you involved,
Unless you are one of the many unloved.
Loved by others; never by ourselves.
You can relate?
Well, maybe we’ll make it.
Make it where?
Maybe you know because you have no idea;
That’s the way to live, that’s the way to be.

I used to be a great athlete,
Fans cheered when they heard my name.
I used to be the one the girls wanted to meet,
I guess I’ll hop that next freight train.

I’m just one of the many who stay up late,
Are we lonely or are we alone?

Just one, just another sentry, trying to send this letter;
Just another, dialing numbers on this ridiculous phone;
I’m just a man: I don’t know how to live life any better;
I‘m a man, trying to access that different time zone.

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