“What Are You Doing?”

What are you doing staring at the moon?
Well, I guess that remains to be seen.
I understood loneliness one afternoon.
It was perfect.
If only I could remember what I mean.

I have a vision of the world before I came into it.
It was the same.
I have a vision of what the world will be after I leave it.
It will be the same.
So what am I doing then?
I might as well become a hermit,
I might as well sail across the seas,
I might as well try to earn this,
Try as I might I can’t be free.
What are you doing looking at the sky?
Well, I guess that remains to be seen.
The winds ask me questions; I give my replies.
They are perfect.
I won’t even think about what they mean.
I have a vision of you before you met me.
You were the same.
I saw you from a distance after you left me.
You were still the same.
So what were we doing then?
Thinking of you deforms me,
I’ll never say your name.
I know that you transformed me,
I’ll never be the same.

What are you doing dwelling on the past?
Well, I guess that remains to be seen.
Once I lost something I didn’t know I had.
The whole thing was far from perfect.
If I only knew what the hell I mean.

Why do you need to wake up so early?
That I never quite know.
Before I left, I was already returning.
But if I knew I wouldn’t have to go.

I saw the treasure gleaming golden up ahead,
I closed my eyes and counted to ten.
When I opened my eyes
What I thought was the prize was gone.
I turned around and kept searching,
On my face a rare smile, on my lips an old song.

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